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Cardiff CF14 5NH

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The first mention of an organ in the Church was in 1904 but nothing more is known about it. A single manual organ, perhaps obtained from Whitchurch Wesleyan Church, was installed in the Church in 1912. In 1937 this became the Great Organ of a two manual instrument built by Chas Gill of Cardiff. This had 11 speaking stops, tubular pneumatic action and no less than 7 couplers. Although there was a variety of soft pipework it was mostly at 8 foot pitch and the action was always unreliable. (Gill Organ Specification, History and Sounds).

By 1997 it was clear that a new organ was needed. Leonard Starr (the South Wales Methodist District Organ Adviser) alerted us to the possibility of acquiring a relatively new instrument from a church in Peterborough. The total cost of acquiring, dismantling, transporting and rebuilding the organ was £7000.
Mark playing Gill Organ
ABOVE - Mark Worwood plays the Gill Organ shortly before it was dismantled in July 1998
Listen to the Gill organ in use by the Church's organists
(MP3 files)
1. St Clements 
(Ann Thomas)  July 2nd 1998
2. Lift up the barrier
(Paul Demery)  July 2nd 1998
3. 8 Short Preludes & Fuges No.7 (Bach)
(Mark Worwood)   June 26th 1998

4. Elegie (JEF Massenet)
(Fred Pegington) July 3rd 1998
5. Allein Goit in der hoh sei ehr  (FW Zachau)
(John Dwight) The last music ever played on the Gill Organ - July 5th 1998